Sunday’s Are For Families Not Shopping

I took my bundle buggy and went to the supermarket yesterday.  Never thought I’d ever get used to Sunday shopping.  I used to think about all of them people who have to work and be away from their families but, I figured since they were there anyway….I may as well get some use out of it.

Back when I was younger, nobody went shopping on a Sunday.  Hell, nobody did much of anything.  We’d get up, get dressed, go to church, have lunch and sit around for the afternoon, reading the newspaper or books.  During the summer days, we’d go for a drive or head to the lake for a swim.  Not much got done on a Sunday and that was good.

I remember one Sunday, Ernest and I packed up the kids into a car that Ernest had borrowed from one of the people he did odd jobs for whatever cash he could get.  That month, they couldn’t pay so, they’d offered Ernest the use of their car for a weekend and included the gasoline instead.  It was during The Great Depression so, not many people had the luxury of having a car in those days.  Hell, we were lucky to have food on our table most of the time but, between relief (what we call Social Assistance nowadays), Ernest working odd jobs in painting, gardening and whatever else he could find and me, taking in sewing and doing house cleaning, we bought and bartered our way through it all.  Ernest also had planted a big garden in behind our old wooden house and a few chickens running around.  We used to can and preserve a lot of what we grew back then and, it used to last us pretty much the entire winter.

We decided to make good use out of that car and take the kids up to the lake for the afternoon.   Ernest, always the practical one, figured he could do some fishing and we’d have a couple of fish for the week to keep in the icebox.  I had packed up a lunch of homemade bread, lettuce and tomatos and as a special treat, some fancy imported cheese that I’d been given in payment for making a skirt for Mrs. Bonhill that week.

Thankfully, we only had two kids at that point, the third wasn’t due to arrive for another 3 months.  Garry and Emma sat in the backseat and it was one long, bumpy ride down dirt roads and hills.  At one point, we figured we’d have to get out and push the thing up a hill but, we made it.  We all could have walked faster.

By the time we got there, the kids were sick to their stomachs from both being excited and the car-sickness.  They’d never been in a car before so, we didn’t know how they’d get sick but, after Garry threw up in the bushes and Emma drank some water and sat for a bit, they were raring to paddle into that water.

Ernest caught some fish and we wrapped them in newspaper to bring home where I’d gut and scale them and put them into the icebox for a couple of dinners.  Nothing got wasted.  The heads made great chowder. I just hated the eyes staring up at me as I’d stir them and the vegetables around while they boiled.

By the time we got home, we were all tuckered out, feeling like we’d had a full day.  Both kids were as red as stop signs from the sun all day so, I wrung out some towels, dipped in vinegar and water to draw off the heat and they both passed out, gone to this world.

We’d had a good day and we’d have many more to come as a family but, you wouldn’t know it from the lunkheads they all are now.

Excuse me.  I have some phonecalls to make.  I need to remind them of those days again.

In the meantime, I’m happy now to have Sunday shopping.  I had a meatpie to stick into that microwave oven that my daughter bought for me for lunch today and I’ve got some arses to kick around a bit.

Maybe, one of them will think to come visit me next Sunday and take me to the lake for a change.



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  1. ponderinglifetoo
    Mar 01, 2018 @ 04:04:44

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    These were my grandmother’s stories that she wrote, painfully typing them out with 2 finger style pecking motions which took hours. I’ve inherited her blog space and I intend on starting it up again since I haven’t had a thing to do with it in about 5 years now.


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