Why Are We So Wrapped Up In Celebrities’ Lives?

I’m watching my granddaughter post her blog about Stars and what’s going on in their lives and I’m wondering, why we should care what these people are doing?  Don’t we have lives too?

I don’t know about anyone else but, just getting through my own day is enough.  These danged people have money coming out their ears, don’t know what to do with it all, people who serve most of their needs and yet, here we are, reading about their every move.

Not to be disrespectful to my granddaughter or her writing but, who the heck cares that Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes got divorced?  Really….is that going to change my day?  Is it going to change your day?  If it does, you might want to think about what you haven’t got in your life and work on getting whatever it is that’s lacking.

I’m told that I’m too blunt.  I say what I think.  That may be so but, at least people know what I’m thinking.  It doesn’t always win me friends.  I’ve made some enemies too but, I figure that I can’t be anyone else.  That’s the problem with these stars.  They aren’t themselves.  They’re who they need to be to get the public’s attention and adoration.  What’s the use in following someone who isn’t real?

Look at the Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise divorce situation.  It was all over the blasted news for weeks.  Both of these moron are going to be fine.  They’ll both be moving on to other partners soon enough.  Hell, Tom Cruise is likely already moving on, based on his track record.  Katie is no poor girl either.  She’s living in a luxurious apartment with people running around, doing everything she needs, wearing expensive clothes, getting driven around by drivers or taking taxis.  Who can afford to have all of that?  Why is everyone so concerned about her?

If anyone wants to worry about someone, it’s that little rich, spoiled daughter of theirs, Suri.  She’s the one who hasn’t learned to walk on her own at the age of 6, gets fed ice cream every time we turn around and has her mother dress her up like a collector doll.  She’s driven everywhere, taken to classes and given whatever her little heart desires.  If that isn’t a recipe for a kid who’s going to grow up to develop diabetes and expect that the sun, moon and stars should shine on her, I’ll eat my Sunday Church hat.  That kid had better marry a rich man when she grows up.  Her parents have set her up to believe that she’s no ordinary human being.

That bone-headed father of hers, renting out some suite that no one rents out personally, at Disneyland ought to have his own rear-end whacked for him but good to wake him up too.  The pictures and stories of this 6-year-old kid, walking around Disneyland like she owned the place, makes me want to backhand the moron myself.  Doesn’t he see that he’s trying to buy his own daughter’s love?  He doesn’t need to buy her love.  He just needs to be her dad, love her, spend time with her, play with her and let her know he’s her dad.  Time and love, not money, is what this child needs but, then again, after seeing that buffoon, bouncing on a couch on that Oprah show and his spiel about his Church of Scientology where I couldn’t make heads nor tails out of what the Sam Hill he was saying, was enough to convince me that perhaps, the child is better off being led around Disneyland.  Afterall, the cartoon characters she met and fantasy atmosphere were likely more real than her space-cadet father.

When my granddaughter told me that this child was getting $33,000.00 a month (not year) for her “support”, my head near spun off my shoulders.  Entire families have to live off of that all year.  What the hell can a kid need that’s going to cost $33,000.00 a month?  I know she likes her fancy designer dresses, hats and purses but, can someone tell her parents that there’s Walmart now and a shirt is a shirt, a pair of pants is a pair of pants, a dress is a dress?

I read the other day that this kid’s mother, had a decorator come in to design and decorate a separate room for this kid to have tea-parties with her imaginary friends.  If that’s true, this mother had better get her rear in gear and get that kid some real flesh and blood friends.  Or, maybe, she’s going to need that $33,000.00 a month support payment for a psychiatrist’s couch for the poor kid?  For $10.00 she could take a whole whack of real kids out for ice cream with her daughter instead of spending thousands of dollars, decorating a room for imaginary kids.

That’s just the way that I look at things and my own opinion.  Having gone through a lot of Life, I see this as all so ridiculous to even think about or waste time on.  We all have our own lives to live and our own sets of troubles and problems but, maybe, that’s the draw?  Maybe, it’s that people want to know that there are people out in this world, crazier and more messed up than us?

It’s just past noon now and I am going to have my lunch.  What the Stars are doing today is of no concern of mine….unless they’re going to pay for my lunch.


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