Tawonda!! A La Kathy Bates In Fried Green Tomatoes

Maybe, I’m getting old too now?  Or, maybe, I’m just turning into Kathy Bates from the movie, “Fried Green Tomatoes”?  If you’ve never seen that movie, click the link and watch the 2 minutes worth of that scene.  It’s a “must” for all women over 50.

I had to ask myself those questions as I walked into a Tim Hortons this evening to grab a tea and had to fight my way through hordes of teens and twenty-somethings who hang around the parking lot like “mall brats” used to hang obnoxiously around a mall.

I recognize that kids need places to hang out and be together but, I’m finding my temper being rather short with some of them when they refuse to acknowledge that they’re not the only ones who would like to use the store.

It’s bad enough to not be able to find a parking spot because these kids are taking all of them up but, it’s really annoying to me now to have to wait while ten young ladies, crowd into the Ladies’ Room in a gaggle, putting on make-up, talking and turning the single bathroom into their own, personal spa.  There wasn’t a square inch in that bathroom, unoccupied and when they finally left it, you couldn’t walk for water, dropped paper towels, toilet paper all over the floors and water still running with a clogged sink.

Once I had my tea, I tried to find a table to sit at and go over some paperwork that I needed to go over before heading off again.  There wasn’t a table left empty.  They were all taken up by kids who were long since finished any form of drink or food (if they had ever bought anything at all).  Worse than that, they weren’t even conscious that their sudden, quick movements, had nearly knocked the scalding hot tea from my hands nor, had they given any apology when I yelled “ouch!”

After cleaning myself up with paper napkins, scarcely able to absorb more than a drop, I ambled over to the counter and asked one of the employees to please ask at least one table with two kids, hogging two chairs but, barely sitting in them and not eating or drinking anything, to vacate the table so that I may sit down for a few minutes.  The employee was less than helpful, fearing having to ask them to move and, leaving me to my own devices.

At that point, I felt more as like their grandmother than anything else as I approached them and politely asked, “if you’re finished with your table, would you mind if I sat here?”

I was ignored.

Giving them the benefit of the doubt, I asked the same question again…a little higher in volume this time.  Again, I was ignored.

On the third try, I had lost my cool totally and found myself standing rather obnoxiously and bluntly in front of the table, holding my tea out for them to see plainly and said, “listen, kids…you’re done your drink or whatever you’ve had, you’re not even sitting in those seats.  Please move somewhere else and let me sit down.”

Something unpleasant was mumbled and again, I was ignored while they went back to their loud, raucous voices and behaviour, swatting one another across tables.

The smart thing to do would have been to have simply left altogether but, something wouldn’t let me leave.  My temper had been irked by their total lack of respect for anyone, including themselves.  They were more like a band of untamed animals than human beings and that, was not sitting well with me.

Kicking one of the chairs aside as one of the kids leapt up to hit another in playhouse fashion, better suited for a boxing ring than a coffee shop, I watched the kid stumble and end up on the floor, while the rest laughed.

“Hey…Lady….you move my chair?” he asked, getting up embarrassed but, unhurt.

I ignored him.

“Hey…Lady…you did something to my chair,” he said, more loudly this time.

Again, I ignored him, still standing there with my tea in hand and papers in the other, staring at him, tapping my toe, lips pursed.

The employee, I had asked earlier, finally noticed the upheaval going on and came out from behind the counter, asking the kids to leave, telling them that they were loitering.  With unpleasant mumbles, they eventually left and I thanked the employee for his co-operation.

As I left the parking lot today, I noticed a pizza delivery guy, delivering a pizza to the parking lot for a group of kids, standing around their cars, blocking everyone else in or blocking them from getting out.  They fumbled for money in their pants but, not too quickly.  It was more like they had all of the time in the world and didn’t care what anyone else’s day might entail.

It was then that I thought of Kathy Bates and wanted to yell “Tawonda!!!”

I leaned on my horn and didn’t let up!

The pizza guy scurried back to his car, taking the pizza with him and peeling out of the parking lot, leaving the kids, cursing and swearing or “cussing” as my grandmother would have called it and, kept leaning on the horn, until those kids moved both themselves and their cars out of my way.

“You crazy old bitch!” one of the kids yelled as I started to pull out of the parking lot.

A La Kathy Bates’ Style, I rolled down the window and said, “face it, kids…you may have the time but, you’re going to learn to respect other people, one way or another.”


I swear I could hear my grandmother laughing for the next 10 minutes.


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