Derma Wand: Miracle or Dud?

derma wand

Ok, so I admit it.  In my insomniac state, I lay awake watching the infomercials at 2 to 4 a.m..  I keep my purse with my wallet and credit card one floor down, making it seem less desirable to get out of bed so that I can order anything that I see advertised on t.v..  I’ve been good.  I haven’t fallen for anything until now.

Derma Wand the anti-wrinkle product.

Derma Wand the anti-wrinkle product.

After years of putting off having cataract surgery, I finally had both eyes done.  Bad move for seeing the imperfections that had grown upon my face and skin for those years.  A day or so after my first eye was done, I was ready to sue the surgeon…not because she had done anything wrong with my eyes but, because I could finally see what I hadn’t wanted to see….I’d aged that many years and more.

It’s been bothering me that for the past 10 or so years, I’d been thinking that I was looking younger and my anti-wrinkle creams had been working.  In actuality, the worse my eyes got, the younger I seemed to look.  Mind you, it was akin to looking at myself (or anything else for that matter) through a fogged glass.  The worse the cataracts got, the less detail I could see until had convinced myself that I’d truly gotten younger looking.

Facing the reality of things, I finally decided that short of a face lift, botox injections or other facial treatments, I was old. There was no doubting it.  Worst of all, what I hadn’t been seeing, everyone else was seeing.  Sometimes, ignorance is bliss.

Last night, at 3 a.m., I watched the same informercial for Derma Wand for the 14th time.  I wasn’t going to leap into buying something by phone where they try to talk you into about a half dozen other things that you don’t really need or want and require signing up for repeat sends until you cancel.  Ever try doing that?  Don’t have a job or a life because you’re going to need it to cancel whatever you’ve gotten yourself signed up for.  So, I didn’t fall for that.

This morning however, coffee in hand to try to wake up, I did some research.  There were mixed reviews but, the majority of them were positive in nature.  At worst, some reviews simply stated that it didn’t do a thing for them.  A few oddball posts on different forums said that they were “burned” but others were quick to quash those claims as nothing is supposed to get hot enough to “burn” any skin.

I’m not big on ordering off the net anyway but, I found a store that carries Derma Wand within about a 15 minute drive from me.  Not only did I find it at a lower cost because it didn’t come with an entire pile of lotions and potions that they try to sell in their kits but, I had it within a few hours because there was no shipping, customs and wait time involved.

I did get to try the product on my hand in the store as they had a demo model set up with the display.  The worst that I felt at the highest setting was a little tickling tingle.  I own a Dr. Ho machine and see a chiropractor who uses a much more powerful version of a Dr. Ho so, this was nothing to me.  At the lower settings, I felt nothing.  I bought it.  I paid $119.00 Cdn for it and bought the extended 3 year warranty for another $24.99, something I don’t usually do but, because it involves a glass tube through which whatever the mechanism is that does the work through, can be an issue if broken.

So, here I sit with the box in front of me, DVD on how to use it and a guide that they pack with the gadget.  They also included a lovely cheap pink pouch to keep it in and a tiny bottle of what seems like nothing more than KY Gel as a lubricant to help the wand glide over the skin.  They also suggest that you use your favorite moisturizer instead if you don’t like their “pre-treatment lubricant”.  I’m thankful that they don’t tell us that we have to buy their crap.

Once I have tried this and figure it all out, I will write more and explain what I have figured out so, hang in here and watch for further updates and more details on how this works.  The question is…is Derma Wand a miracle or a dud?  Stay tuned.


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  1. stillunwinding
    Oct 16, 2014 @ 02:59:55

    I’ve been misled by my aging eyes also. So I make a point of looking at my face in the mirror with my reading glasses on several times a week. Don’t want a nasty surprise one day:)


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